SIMPLE HABITS & IDEAs for FORWARD THINKING is a set of ideas and habits that encourage people to think in an alert, creative style in the fast changing business environment.

What is SHIFT?

The online course

SHIFT is an online course designed to give you complete attention. It is a set of fifteen habits that inculcates critical and creative thinking skiils.

Individual Attention

SHIFT, the course is hosted on Canvas Learning management system. The course is designed to give individual attention to each student. You, as a student, can complete the course at your own pace.

Life Long Learning

You get to interact with the author of the course through a live webinar. The group project designed as a part of the course gives you a classroom experience of a different level, as there are only learners’ here.

Here is a short video to introduce you to the course.

Wondering why you need to learn about thinking? An interview of Vishakha Singh by Mr Rajesh Jain. Rajesh Jain is a technology entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India. He was a pioneer in Asia’s dotcom revolution, creating India’s first Internet portals in the late 1990s. He then started what is today India’s largest marketing technology company- Netcore. In between, from 2012-2019, Rajesh worked as a political entrepreneur.

Inspirations and Ideas Gallery for the course SHIFT

What others say

Vishakha has an extremely curious and creative mind. Very few people get the problem identification right and even fewer are able to come up with out of the box solutions for them . She excels in both . The precision of her approach to problem identification and her ability to step back and get a 360 approach to the solution is a rare talent.

― Apurva Purohit, President, Jagran Prakashan Limted

Very innovative & practical online thinking course I have come across. Well structured modules, with tons oof examples & engaging tools. The instructor provided great insight into theory & practice.

― Dr Anubha Agastwar., Pro Vice Chancellor, Alliance University,

The course is super useful and makes it challenging to adopt these habits

― Ashwin.

You will ask, how much is the introductory price?

The course is for Rs. 9999. It is on offer for Rs. 4750 currently.

What do you get?

  1. Online course availability
  2. Course completion at your own pace over a period of four weeks
  3. Access pass to one live webinar with the author
  4. Certificate for the completion of the course
  5. 15 weeks follow up email on developing the habits

You will ask, how will it help me in my growth?


You will get ideas to look for your problem solving ideas.


You will develop skills like empathy, co-listening, avoid marginal thinking…

Mental models

With the uncertain world, you will learn to refer to newer mental models.

Confident as learning these thinking skills enhances intellectual growth // Reflective as you learn the habits focussed towards internal growth // Innovative as you learn the habit of looking for new ideas // Engaged as you develop tools like empathy and social listening skills.

You may ask, how will these thoughts translate into action?

Each habit comes with a note on how to implement the ideas into action.

Now, you may ask, what if I forget these habits?

Every week, for fifteen weeks, after completion of your course, you will receive a mail from me, following up with you on your habit. Fifteen weeks is a long time to develop habits. We may not develop all, but we will definitely not forget any.

“ With 20 years of extensive work experience as a media professional and an entrepreneur, the notable thing I have learnt is that creative, innovative thinking is a skill that can be acquired. SHIFT is a set of ideas and habits that encourage people to think in an alert, creative style in the fast changing business environment. “

Vishakha Singh

Author, SHIFT

Still not Satisfied?

Why not write to me and let me help you address your queries? You can join the course and if you do not like it we will refund your money.

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