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Service One:

SHIFT course

See the intro video – 4mins

  1. Get empowered to design your own growth chart
  2. Learn to think critically, learn problem solving, creative thinking, nurture growth mindset
  3. 15 habits, 4 modules available as an online course.
  4. Assessments designed to attain mastery in skills
  5. Follow up with emails for 15 weeks after course completion.
  6. A beautiful set of notecards couriered to your place with all 15 habits.
  7. Price : Rs 12500/person + GST = Rs.14750/person


Service Two

The Weekly Article Dispatch

Learn every week through weekly articles written by Vishakha on Habits for Thinking. Each article helps you build a mental model to enhance forward thinking. It covers areas like

Cost: No money. As a tribute your feedback on the article is much appreciated.

Service Three

The Read Aloud Club

Did you know that reading aloud develops adaptive expertise? It means acquiring knowledge through connections to other ideas.

Here, we share a set of curated articles, once a week for you to Read Aloud to your child . These are articles from various publications like BBC, the New York Times, The Guardian, Time, Indian Express, Mint, The Times of India etc.. covering humanity, technology, science and nature.

Service Four

My Little Ideabook

Writing is a powerful tool. It not only helps us in learning better but also in developing creative thinking.

Develop the habit of writing down your notes in this Ideabook. This is designed small for you to carry it wherever you go. It has a few pages that guide you on what you can write from things that you read about.

Inside: high quality (80GSM) ruled pages; 8 pages as examples on what to write; hardbound. Price- Rs350 (including shipping)

Lovely article on democratization of knowledge!

Vinita Ahuja

The article is spot on about the breaks in between. It is very difficult to convince the people that the casual talk we do while working works towards relationship building.

— Saurabh Prasad

The course is simple and thought provoking. What I liked that it is applicable to anyone- from an entrepreneur to a business person to a student.


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