The Read Aloud Club

  • What is the Read Aloud club?

    The Read Aloud club shares a set of curated articles for parents to read it aloud to their child/children. These articles are meant for children 10-18 years, studying in middle and secondary school. 

  • Why Read Aloud?

    To read aloud to kids when they are babies is something we have all done. To read aloud to children even in their secondary school has an amazing impact. It not only enhances listening skills & vocabulary but also changes the conversations on the dining table. If you follow it regularly for a few weeks, you will notice the change.

  • Why not encourage children to read on their own?

    To encourage reading habit, read aloud to children. Reading aloud develops adaptive expertise. Hatano and Inagaki (1986) referred to the two types of expertise as “routine” and “adaptive”. Routine experts continue honing their skills in order to perform them with greater efficiency over time. Routine expertise relies on automated recall of memorized knowledge. In contrast, adaptive expertise depends on the acquisition of meaningful knowledge which is organized through connections to other thoughts and ideas. Reading aloud helps children learn how to make sense of the world; it improves their information processing skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. 

  • What is the content of The Read Aloud?

    Read Aloud curates articles. Articles are short reading pieces as compared to books. These are curated in a manner to initiate discussions around technology, empathy, science, nature etc. These articles are from newspapers, news sites, magazines and blogs. and captures interesting pieces on personalities, wildlife or innovation. These articles are not intended to deliver weekly news but are relevant and contextual to the big events.

  • When and how is Read Aloud edition shared?

    Every week, the Read Aloud Club shares an edition of two to three curated articles with links. This is shared on Monday or Tuesday evening for you to read it over the week. You will receive it in your registered mailbox or Whatsapp inbox according to your preference. 

  • Can I recommend an article to share with the club?

    Yes, if you are a Read Aloud club member, you can recommend stories that can be shared with everyone. You will be informed if your article is shared.

  • What is My Little Ideabook?

    The Read Aloud Club

    Writing is a powerful tool. It not only helps us in learning better but also in developing creative thinking.

    My Little Ideabook is a notebook for you to write down your ideas. It comes with a few (8) colored pages that guide you on what to write when you read an article. (Inside high quality 80GSM ruled pages)

    Price Rs.350 including of shipping in India

Yes, I would like to join the Read Aloud Club

The Read Aloud Club membership is for Rs 499 for Four Months plus taxes (Rs 589). You will receive 16 weekly editions. My Little Ideabook is for Rs 350 including tax. Once you submit this form, you will find the payment button below the form. Kindly make the payment through the same.


A peek into the Read Aloud Club

What others have to say

This was an excellent source of edutainment for kids 💕🎉 Thank you so much Vishakha for bringing this concept in. We’d love to continue with this for sure 👏👏👏

Mandvi Jaiswal

Thanks a lot for compiling this for us every week. We’ve so often found Read Aloud to have informative news and articles from around the world that would have been easily missed otherwise.

Rupal Dharamshi

Hi. We always discuss the subjects at dining table and I think you are doing a wonderful job of inculcating reading habits. Aarushi is now actively reading newspapers (besides Bombay Times, which used to be favourite) because she realised that it is interesting to know more things. So a big thank you.

Sonal. Daughter’s age – 12.

One day, my son came back excited. He was the only one in his classroom who knew about Greta Thunberg. He felt proud being a part of the Read Aloud club.

– Vikas Kishore

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”  Dr. Seuss